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Behind the scenes on every shoot is a great team. I have been so blessed to have worked with the most generous makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers I could ever hope for. The team on the cover shot is Finn Bohanon a wonderful hair stylist, who have become a dear close friend.

Make-up artist Glenn Mosely is renowned in New Orleans and has to be prodded out of retirement. He is gods gift to me on rare occasions.

Kat Alyst is a great photographer with VISION!

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the very talented @JenniferCarona recently, also a gifted make-up artist from L.A.

On a recent film shoot I worked with a director I hope to be working with again, and often, Mark Newton, also from L.A. I will add photos and info as there have been so many shoots and interviews this year already! But for now, I am busy vamping up the site, so come back and follow us @bambi.deville.vintage

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