A Stylist’s Dream

One of the best compliments I have gotten was from a ‘Stylish New Yorker’ who declared; “Bambi you are New Orleans very own PATRICIA FIELD.

I am both thrilled and honored to be the only Vintage Shop in New Orleans featured in this wonderful book by Booth Moore. Booth is known worldwide as an expert in the field of Fashion. Ms. Moore served as the first fashion critic for the L.A. Times for 18 years. She is currently senior fashion editor at The Hollywood Reporter. To write the book, she scouted world wide to find the best of the best which is why it is a NY Times Bestseller. My shop is featured on page 123! For those ‘in the know’, my little shop in The French Quarter was ‘THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN NEW ORLEANS’ from when I began in 2002 until the internet went viral.  One of the reasons is, less locals shop here in the quarter and the visitors who came would get to the good stuff. For many years my clients would hide their visits and often times tell me they regretted sharing the shop with their friends. Part of me was ‘That’s so complementary, and my inner voice was thinking, ‘but I need the business, please share.’

I closed the lower Garden District Shop when Covid-19 happened, and there are no regrets. I love being able to focus and keep my huge inventory all together. I am a collector first. When we moved the LGD shop we  merged with The French Quarter Shop, combining the inventory.

Best Shopping Globally

I cannot believe how many fabulous Hats I have! Beautiful Vintage hats. You will have to visit, as there are far too many pieces to photograph for a website. I have a private showroom above the shop for appointments. We are known to Stylists, Designers, Movie Stars and Fabulous Women of Style. The college kids find out about us while shopping with their stylish moms. Mother always knows better!

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