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Bambi University: Bambi will be offering up her years of experience in a new book: ‘Bambi Does Vintage’. Available on Amazon. Based on an online course Bambi offered, this will include not only how to get started, but all the lessons learned. This will help anyone wanting to start their own business. During the Pandemic of 2020 Bambi had ample time to spend on her creative endeavors, this being one of them. The book is informative, but most of all fun to read. Filled with fun stories as well as airing all the dirty laundry.

Vintage is more popular than ever and the demand is high. People are wanting to visit brick and mortar shops. Everyone is looking forward to real shopping. Online is saturated and not nearly as satisfying. Careful planning is needed and Bambi will give you her step by step method of creating a successful business. The time for planning is now! As people slowly return to the fun and comfort of in person shopping, we will get you ready. Be your own boss, babe!

All the info you have asked for. You have called, messaged, emailed and visited with questions that are ready to be answered. Bambi has put together a book and video course just for those of you who would liked to have worked with Bambi personally and learned all the Trade Secrets. The course will be available soon and the follow up book as well. Stay tuned and follow our Instagram for notifications. Get on the email list here on the website for more information.

From the beginning of how to start a small business, all the business information you will not need an MBA to learn , but you will need to learn.  Building your customer base is a skill that Bambi has acquired over years of practice. What about inventory? Where do you get it? That’s the big number one question. Developing your branding and marketing is a small business must. You will have all the basic and insider information that you can only learn from an expert. Bambi is ready to share with you!

Our Videos will soon be available on our YOUTUBE Channel: Bambi DeVille. If you prefer private coaching, reach out! See you soon, keep in touch. With Love and Joy, Bambi and the Team.

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