Bambi Offers The Estate Of Patricia Ecker Page

Bambi is honored to have the privilege to handle the Estate of New Orleanean Patricia Ecker Page. You can the read more about  Patricia at this link:

Patricia Ecker:


The Complete Story of Jimmy Page’s First Wife

“I will say the connection I had with Patti was surreal. It extended beyond her time in the physical realm. I have always been very sensitive and my story of Patricia is very special.”

I have taken great care of her collection and have been hesitant to offer it to the public. Patricia was a woman who loved her city but also adored other cultures, which is something I truly related to. She was a great collector and the love of her pieces shows. I am still cataloguing her items and will begin offering them soon. There are so many categories of beautiful decorative items she loved. Patricia was a huge fan of Victorian, and appreciated and paid homage to every era in her assemblage. I was aghast at her curation of handbags, especially from the deco period. Patricia had a very feminine touch. Her love of lace and beading is exemplary in both the clothing and accessories. There are many beautiful examples which she acquired while living with her husband Jimmy in London. I can just imagine her on Portobello Road shopping. I would  describe her taste as a combination of Mae West and Stevie Nicks.”


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